Tilt and Turn Windows

A sophisticated blend of functionality, clean lines, versatility and security which Lets your home breathe

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Tilt and Turn Windows are an extremely versatile option for your home.

With one turn of the handle, the window can be tilted inwards, allowing a room to ‘breathe’ while still providing a barrier against the elements.

With the second turn, open fully inwards for maximum fresh air and a luxurious sense of space – seamlessly connecting you with the world outside. What’s more, you can effortlessly clean the outside of the window, indoors. Deceptively simple in appearance and operation, Tilt & Turn windows have no outward-opening parts, maintaining the clean lines of your home whether tilted, open or closed.


  • Manufactured from the Veka fully sculptured suite(s)
  • 70mm Featured suite in white and foil finishes
  • Internally Glazed, multi-chambered
  • Espagnolette locking system (standard)
  • High performance weather seal
  • Stainless steel friction hinges
  • Galvanised steel reinforcement
  • White Locking handles
  • 28mm Low-line glazing bead
  • superior energy and acoustic-insulation ratings
  • can help to minimise outdoor noise and significantly reduce your heating bills

A comprehensive range of Ancillaries to cover all building applications.

Product Options

  • Gold, white, satin silver and  chrome locking handles

Our colour range is available in a wide range of woodgrain and coloured finishes to perfectly complement your home.
With these realistic woodgrains ranging from contempary Golden Oak to dramatic rosewood.

Life is too short to paint your rotten old timber windows with our range of colours all you need is a quick wipe!

These are also available in dual colour so you can have the bright white on the inside and a dark rosewood on the outside!


The colours shown give an indication only. No guarantee can be given that they will exactly match existing products. Additional colours are available to order as specials.



Energy Efficiency
All Tilt and Turn products can be supplied in any of the above specifications to achieve an A+ WER (Window Energy Rating) A+ BFRC label/certificate which can be used in the consumers HIP’s pack.

Weather Performance
All windows are tested to the latest British/European standards for air, water and gusting performance via BSI and BBA.

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