Finishing Touches

Your conservatory offers complete freedom to decorate however you choose.

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Conservatories are a unique space bridging your home and outdoor space, and can be adapted to suit whatever purpose you see fit.

Standard specifications

  • Full accreditation and compliance
  • Structurally fully reinforced
  • Low E double glazed “A” rated units

Product options

Choice of glass roof options and specifications
Choice of polycarbonate roof options
Ridge line ventilation
Window ventilation
Roof lights
Tie bars
Internal decorative trims
Cresting and finials
Rain water products
Decorated, bevelled or coloured glass
Low mobility thresholds
Bi-fold doors
Patio doors

We supply a wide range of extras, both internal and external to enhance your conservatory.

For years the only colour uPVC-U windows were available in was white. More recently a few wood effects were introduced, but now a range of coloured woodgrain foils are available, enabling you to better customise the look of your conservatory or windows and doors.

Coloured Woodgrain Foils
The grain effect of the foil coating provides a premium finish that replicates the authentic look of timber windows whilst maintaining all the low maintenance and energy efficient benefits of uPVC-U. The foil coating offers a much more durable finish compared to other traditional methods of colouring uPVC-U profiles such as surface coats or paints.

Conservatory Fans
Fans add a touch of class to your conservatory, as well as having a practical use. Don’t forget that ceiling fans can help to heat a room in winter by circulating warm air, as well as cooling down rooms in summer months.

We offer a wide range of fans styles, in both traditional and contemporary styles, available with or without light fittings, and available with either manual or remote control.

Decorative Strips
Personalise your conservatory and add a touch of flair.

A wide range of designs ensures that there is an design to suit every taste. For homeowners this is a real way to make a personal statement and add something that little bit different to their dream conservatory, it clips into place, and is removable, enabling you to update your design when you wish.

Crestings and finials are the decorative fittings that run along the top of the conservatory roof. A range of crestings and finials are available from the modern pikestaff finial and renaissance cresting, to the more traditional classic and baroque combination, there is something to suit all tastes.

Heating Solutions
A wide range of heating solutions are available for conservatories, from free standing units, under floor heating, to a combined air conditioner and heater to ensure perfect comfort all year round.

Adding a conservatory to your home is an exciting project to undertake, but it’s easy to choose the wrong type of heating. We have the expertise and the products available to help you make the right choice, giving you wrap-around warmth where you need it, when you need it.

Roof Vents

Roof vents provide a fast and effective means of allowing warm air to leave your conservatory. Our roof vents are weather tight and highly insulated, and are available as manual opening, or with thermostatic electric openers combined with a rain sensor to get the best out of the fickle British weather.

If you are unsure of the pros and cons of any venting system, please contact us and speak to one of our technicians for advice on what would be the best solution for you.


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